Zavod-IT specializes in the development of startups, complex software systems, mobile applications, websites, and APIs for external systems. We also have great expertise in the development of websites, online stores, cashback services, telegram bots, and crypto exchanges. Over 12 years of work, we have developed a special approach to software development based on Agile methodologies, which helps us to always create a product, regardless of its complexity.

Hourly rate

Our base rates: $20-40 for development, $100 for CTO. Schedule a free intro zoom call with CTO.  

Weekly sprints

Every week we discuss with the client the number of hours we should devote to their product. It can be from a couple of hours to hundreds of hours per week, depending on the development speed you need.

Tracker reports

All our employees work on a time tracker, which allows you to see an absolutely transparent picture when developing any software product. Once a week we send a tracking report to our customers.


Over the years of development, we have a very large pool of developments that allow us to quickly create solutions for our new customers.

12 years of experience in development

We specialize in Django/python which is used in the biggest products in the world like Instagram and Pinterest

200+ completed projects

Over the years, we have accumulated vast experience, implementing projects for clients in all corners of the world, and we are ready to share this experience in the implementation of your product.

Team of 15 employees

We deliberately do not increase the team much, leaving a narrow circle of the best programmers in order to be closer to the client, bypassing a large managerial layer and setting an affordable price tag for our services.

Our history

company foundation

2009 company foundation

Freelance team

Managing a remote team of freelancers for website development.

All team in one office

Gathered freelancers in one office in one of the Business Centers

Merger with KSK-multimedia

ZAVOD It-startups merged with KSK-multimedia, a leader in the development of multimedia products, moving to a two-story office.

Office opened in Silicon Valley

ZAVOD It-startups opened an office in Silicon Valley.

Founding of two American companies

Founded cashback service CloverR and Startup Incubator in Silicon Valley

Created CaboHub — Hub for developers

CaboHub is located in Mexico, in the city of Cabo, a two-hour flight from Silicon Valley and allows you to work in the same time zone with American companies.

Affiliate network founded

Founded affiliate network adglink.com collecting data from all over the world

Grand Prize in Blockchain Hackathon

The founder of the company Aleksandr Protsyuk received the first prize in the Blockchain Hackathon

Launching own Blockchain

Affiliate network platform adglink.com launched its own Blockchain with ADG cryptocurrency

Launch teamon.live

Service for remote employees teamon.live

Launch of coiner.cab crypto exchange

The coiner.cab service was created for exchanging cryptocurrencies, paying salaries in cryptocurrencies, a payment gateway for working with cryptocurrencies for any organization.





Development of startups, crypto exchangers, cashback services, telegram bots, and complex software products for the USA, and Europe with our 12 years of experience.

Coiner.Cab Corp

33 Tehama St, 30A, San Francisco, CA 94105

Telegram: alpsf

WhatsApp: +14155797172


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