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IT-компания из Екатеринбурга предложила сотрудникам выплачивать зарплату в криптовалюте

"Мы сделали сотрудникам предложение выплачивать (зарплату — ред.) в криптовалюте, которым они могут воспользоваться или нет. (...) Мы не переводим всю зарплату в криптовалюту, оставляя большую часть в фиате (обычные деньги), однако ситуация может измениться, когда будут разработаны соответствующие законопроекты", — сказал основатель компании.


Sale of licenses for cashback services

We have been developing cashback services for more than 9 years, for which we have developed about 7 different cashback services, both our own and for our customers. Today we have prepared an interesting proposal for the development of cashback services for those who can at last enter this exciting business very quickly.


Founder of zavod-it got first price of Blockchain hackathon

Founder of got first price of Blockchain hackathon in Yekaterinburg.


Bots telegram, slack, facebook

Recently, for the development of business, companies often use bots in messengers. For what they are needed and how it works, you can find out more in this article. Or Why Chat May Be King Of The New Mobile Landscape


Machine Learning companies

Couple days ago my friend Artem showed me his company Quantifind.  Quantifind's mission is to empower people to make better decisions that combine human intuition with the voice of intelligent data. The company can analyze tweets and give you reports with very clear answers real-time. It’s one of a good example with use a machine learning. 



How to create a cheap MVP

I came to my friends after jacuzzi yesterday and got the very good conversation with their Germany neighbor who work on the logistic company. He gave me one more point that not everybody understanding Lean Startup by Steve Blank, MVP(minimum viable product), a market analytics etc. I thought everybody know about it because it's Silicon Valley, but people continue to find a technical co-founder for their startup and buried their ideas because don't have an opportunity to pay developer in-house. It's so funny when people looking for CTO many months and then get a result for couple months because it’s simple product. So, that's why this post exists.

So, firstly everything starts from startup idea. Everybody has few ideas for startup from current job. You just see some problems in your business process or see ways to save through automation and something like that. In other words, you have a hypothesis, which if confirmed, will make the world better, and you a billionaire.



outsourcing killed by django and ruby on rails

The absolute pinnacle of outsourcing madness peaked with the publication of “The 4 Hour Workweek” by Timothy Ferriss. The book was a Bible for starting your own sweat shop. Everyone from one man startups long forgotten to mega corporations like Ebay were looking to India, China, and eastern Europe to cut development costs. There is even a story, famous among cubicle dwellers, of an IBM engineer outsourcing his job to India, then using his free time to get and outsource another job at Motorola. 

I guess if 80% of your job consists of writing many lines of code to achieve even the simplest task, like processing a login form, then 80% of it can be outsourced to lower skilled developers at a lower rate. A skilled and novice developer can churn out the 80% filler code almost at the same rate. Thats exactly why projects involving heavy C++, Java, Perl, and even PHP have been at the forefront of outsourcing. Tho