Online course Django/python for junior

Online course Django/python for junior

We offer a practical course on Django-Python programming where you will learn how to develop on this framework. Throughout the lessons, you will delve into Django starting from the basics and progressing to practical exercises, which you will receive after each lesson. Within the course, you will create your own online store using Django-Python and will be capable of handling the increasing number of orders available online.

12 years software development

Since 2011, we have been engaged in industrial project development using Django/Python and have successfully delivered over 200 projects to clients from various countries and diverse markets.

Extensive experience in employee training.

We have trained over 100 employees who actively participated in the development of our client projects. Many of them are currently employed in international companies.

Effective training practices.

All our new junior programmers undergo this course, which enables them to quickly transition into working mode and acquire Django development skills.

Opportunity for employment within our company.

We provide course graduates with a training certificate, and for the top-performing students, we offer internship opportunities within our company.

About Django/python

The Django programming framework is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. Many PHP programmers are transitioning to this technology because it provides a competitive advantage for developers under equal conditions. With this framework, it's possible to develop high-load projects and easily scale projects of any level.

Examples of projects developed using Django include:

Instagram / Youtube / Bitbucket / Dropbox / Mozilla

Course Outline: Developing with Django-Python

Session 1

  • Introduction
  • Installing Ubuntu
  • Setting Up Workspace
  • Creating a Virtual Environment
  • Launching a Blank Django Project
  • Choosing a Template
  • Defining Tasks for the Online Store

After the Session

  • Desktops configured on Ubuntu
  • Project launched under a virtual environment
  • Online store idea chosen
  • Template for the online store selected

Session 2

  • Introduction
  • Creating a Helper
  • Installing Git, Generating SSH Keys, Creating a Bitbucket Repository
  • Installing PostgreSQL on Ubuntu, Configuring Project for Connection

Session 3

  • Preparing requirements.txt and Setting Up the Project Elsewhere
  • Exploring the Django World, Reading Documentation, Lingualeo
  • Creating a Store Application, Defining Catalog Models
  • Registering Admin Models for the Catalog

Session 4

  • Examining What Django Automatically Creates in a New Project
  • Integrating a Bootstrap Template into Your Project

Session 5

  • Creating a Base Template
  • Separating the Menu, Customizing It
  • Integrating FontAwesome
  • Customizing the Footer

Session 6

  • Creating a Text Page Model
  • Building an Admin Panel for Text Pages
  • Adapting the Template for Text Pages
  • Creating with Text Page URLs
  • Updating Menu URLs
  • Implementing a Text Editor

Session 7

  • Integrating a Template for Categories
  • Creating Subcategories
  • Integrating a Template for Subcategories
  • Learning to Debug
  • Implementing Breadcrumbs

Session 8 After the Session

  1. Listing of Products Integrated
  2. Displaying Breadcrumbs
  3. Displaying Images and Names of Products from the Admin
  4. Displaying Discounts if Available
  5. Changes Published on Git

Session 9 After the Session

  1. Products Filtered
  2. Changes Published on Git

Session 10 After the Session

  1. Breadcrumbs Implemented in the Catalog
  2. Titles in the Catalog
  3. Pagination in the Catalog
  4. Template Prepared for Products
  5. Changes Published on Git

Session 11 After the Session

  1. Product Information Filled
  2. Changes Published on Git

Session 12 After the Session

  1. Order and User Profile Models Created
  2. Changes Published on Git

Session 13 After the Session

  1. Form Created for Products
  2. Orders Saved in the Admin
  3. Successful Cart Addition Notification Displayed
  4. Changes Published on Git

Session 14 After the Session

  1. Real-Time Information Displayed in the Popup Cart
  2. Removal of Items from the Cart Functioning
  3. Changes Published on Git

Session 15 After the Session

  1. Real-Time Information Displayed in the Popup Cart
  2. Removal of Items from the Cart Functioning
  3. Changes Published on Git

Session 16 After the Session

  1. Complete Homepage
  2. Updated Menu
  3. Console Messages Generated for Email Sending
  4. Changes Published on Git

Session 17 After the Session

  1. Domain Purchased
  2. Hosting Deployed
  3. Your Website Is Live on Hosting





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