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And now, there's a new desktop application from OpenAI that will see what's happening on your screen, meaning it can help you write code faster, perform analyses, and reduce the time spent on work.
Yes, of course, regular users can also upload diagrams, read PDF files, and analyze photos, but the biggest benefit will be for programmers. I already solve every programming task with the support of ChatGPT, but the integration will go even deeper.
It seems to me that this is a special kind of mindset, where you perceive all your activities as a process of perpetual optimization because you always do different things. And if things repeat, you immediately write a function that will do them for you. Essentially, you are digging, laying bricks, juggling, driving a tractor, reading a poem, diving for shells, cleaning a grill, playing a domra – constantly doing new work. This is a particular feature of programmers' work, and the number of implemented functions is constantly growing if you organize them correctly for reuse within a single project or a pool of clients, which we have accumulated more than 200 of in 13 years of work.

This is an interesting insight after watching the latest ChatGPT presentation. What do you think about artificial intelligence and how do you use ChatGPT in your work?



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