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Sale of licenses for cashback services

We have been developing cashback services for more than 9 years, for which we have developed about 7 different cashback services, both our own and for our customers. Today we have prepared an interesting proposal for the development of cashback services for those who can at last enter this exciting business very quickly.

Why is this an interesting investment?

Because the online shopping market is growing and will reach $ 1 trillion by 2020. The penetration of the Internet to the masses is increasing, as well as the public’s understanding of the mechanics of cashback services. In 2011, the Ebates cashback service was bought for a billion dollars and at that time only showed its audience of 8 million against 300 million Americans. There are not many competitors on the market, there are several dozens of services, 90% of which have very weak products. All this suggests that this market is very interesting and promising, where you can and should earn money, and with our licensed product you can enter it in 1 month!

Why not develop a service yourself?

Usually, the development of a cashback service takes from 1.5 years, the same can be done by finishing it and adapting it to the realities of the real market. This means 1.5 years of lost profits and the subsequent adaptation of the product to changes. Our offer allows you to get your own cashback service, including our 9 years of experience, to deploy it on your own servers, on one of the coolest Django / python frameworks in the world, which made great products like Instagram and which allows you to scale very cheaply your product, in just 1 month. You do not need to spend time on development, we have already spent enough of it so that you can immediately engage in marketing, collect new users and get profit from it. Our database integrates several thousand stores, information on which is updated in real time.

How to bypass existing competitors?

The market is quite large and poorly developed, so there will still be enough space on it for a long time. On the other hand, you can come up with some kind of feature - something that will be your competitive advantage. Here are some examples of how you can bypass other cashback services:

- more profitable cashback percentage for users

-best referral program

-cashback in cryptocurrency

-cashback service for clients of your other business

-industry cashback services: tourism, Chinese goods, coupons, movies, music, clothing ...

-cashback service in telegram bot

-artificial intelligence based cashback service

And many other ideas that we can help you work out based on our experience with American companies and Silicon Valley.

Why do we sell this product if everything is so good?

We have our own cashback services in the American, Russian and Indian markets, which daily bring us profit, which we constantly refine and implement new chips. Since the market is large enough, we are interested in bringing as many players to it as possible and together developing an ecosystem of cashback buyers. We have a side product adglink.com, which takes a small commission for conducting all the complex billing, importing, aggregations and preparing data for cashback services, which allows them to be very light and flexible.

When is it not too late to start?

The sooner you start, the sooner you can earn money in an amazing shopping market that grows very well and will grow even more, and with our licenses for cashback services you can start returning the money invested the next day after the introduction of our product!



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