Website Development

Website Development

In today's world, few can build a successful business without a website development. The unique design of the site, reliable platform, user-friendly interface, content management system, the possibility of expanding the site developed with increasing business turnover - all features of a successful website. Each site development - is first and foremost a product, which aims to attract customers, bringing the company's profits. Any service, whether it is a form of feedback, calculator cost of services, payment must fulfill its function, which leads to an increase in the conversion of your site's visitors to paying customers. The company Zavod qualitative approach to the analysis of the needs of each business and help to implement the necessary services to develop the site.

It is also important for a business to develop a website in order to gain representation on the internet and thus emphasize the company's image. It is hardly necessary to save on your opinion of your customers. Designers of the company Zavod start with an analysis of the competition, with the result that your website will be designed to attend all the advantages and all the competitors a competitive advantage that they have missed.

A successful business is created to develop and capture new niches, new regions and new audiences. In this respect, it is important not only to develop a quality site but also create all conditions for its further development and scaling. The basis of development of the company Zavod is the Python programming language and web framework Django. These technologies have proven themselves both in Russia and around the world and are a reliable means for the development of the project from the very small to a large portal with thousands of attendance.

Currently, there are a huge number of companies providing web development service. However, the site is not only a visual shell, it is also the availability of advanced services, such as integration with social networks, payment systems, monitoring services, and statistics. If your target audience is the media tablets and smartphones, in addition to the development of the site could be developed an app for iOS or Android. Such specialists are very few on the market and the company Zavod is one of the few.


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History of django framework

Django is a high-level web framework that was developed in 2003 by Adrian Holovaty and Simon Willison while working at the Lawrence Journal-World newspaper in Kansas, USA. The framework was developed to help the journalists to create complex news websites and web applications quickly and easily.

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Why Django is the best for MVP

If you are just creating a startup, then it is very important to approach this correctly by choosing the appropriate technologies. In the article, we talk about the correct approach when developing profit MVP by Django development. 

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Advantages of use Django development for website

Django is a popular open-source web framework that has become increasingly popular among web developers for creating robust and scalable websites. Here are some advantages of using Django development for website creation:

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outsourcing killed by django and ruby on rails

The absolute pinnacle of outsourcing madness peaked with the publication of “The 4 Hour Workweek” by Timothy Ferriss. The book was a Bible for starting your own sweat shop. Everyone from one man startups long forgotten to mega corporations like Ebay were looking to India, China, and eastern Europe to cut development costs. There is even a story, famous among cubicle dwellers, of an IBM engineer outsourcing his job to India, then using his free time to get and outsource another job at Motorola. 

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